Dive Bar Activities (Age 21+ Only)

Paper Airplane Contest

Complete instructions and playoff brackets (2 pages).

Dice Games

Easy, quick-start rules for 

your favorite dice games!

Beer Tasting Competition

Compete against your friends!

Score sheet and labels (4 pages).

Palm Reading

Dive Bar Style

(2 pages)

Karaoke Score Cards

Every Karaoke bar 

should have these!


Dive Bar combination of bingo, scavenger hunt. 

Dive Bar Checklist

Take this simple quiz to find out if you are standing in a dive bar

War Tournament

Hold your own Dive Bar WAR tournament! Print out this easy to use double elimination bracket. 

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tournament

Everything you need to run your own tournament .. rules, tournament bracket.

Signs For Your Bar

27 Ready-to-Print signs perfect for hanging around your Dive Bar

Dive Bar Olympics

Bar Olympics that isn't all drunk-fest ... some take actual skills!

Coming Soon


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